Monday, May 25, 2009

Smoothie Popsicles

Every kid loves popsicles, but most of the time they are just made up of sugar and water. The best way to do it is to make your own popsicles. This may sound complicated, but if you have ever made a fruit smoothie, then you can make your own popsicles. Look for popsicle molds at the dollar store, Walmart, or your grocery store in the summertime. You can usually find them very cheap. I like the ones that are small and round the best. They are small so that they eat it before it melts and round because they are easier to unmold.

Before I give you some of my favorite recipes, I wanted to put in a plug for Vita-mix. Vita-mix is a very high powered blender. It is, or is like the ones at Jamba Juice or other similar smoothie eateries. When I tell you I am blending something up, I am doing it in a Vita-mix. If you don't want to spend the money on a Vita-mix, at least spend the money for a really good blender. The $30 one at Walmart will just leave you frustrated.

Here are some smoothie/popsicle recipes for you.

Lisa's Basic Smoothie Recipe
1 banana

1 cup smoothie frozen fruit (such as the big bag at Costco that has peaches, strawberries, blueberries and such)

1/2 Cup frozen blueberries or a frozen berry combo

Put all in a blender and then fill up with water til half of the fruit is covered. Then put in some soy milk or regular milk till the fruit is just covered.
Add 1/4 C frozen OJ concentrate.
Throw in a handful of baby carrots and a large handful of spinach for extras.

Spinach Tip: My friend Jen gave me the tip of putting spinach in your smoothie, but beware that if you don't have any dark berries like blueberries or black berries, your smoothie will be green and that might scare some kids away!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk or Milk

1 Banana

Handful of ice

1 T Nesquik

1 T Cocoa Powder

Add Water if you need it a little thinner. Blend together and enjoy!

This is perfect for anyone who is a chocolate addict like myself.

Orange Banana Strawberry
1 Cup frozen or fresh Strawberries
1 whole navel orange, peeled

1 or 2 Bananas
Handful of ice if using fresh strawberries
2-4 T orange juice concentrate
Fill to cover fruit - 1/2 with water and 1/2 with milk or soy milk

Blend together and enjoy!

Keep in mind that all of my so called "Recipes" are not really recipes, but guidelines. I do not ever measure.

PS One of our favorite ways to make popsicles is to make a smoothie in the morning for breakfast and then pore the leftovers into the molds for popsicles that very afternoon.

Tip of the day: Make it a rule that you have to eat the popsicles outside. :)


  1. All this sounds so great! Thanks! I am typing up a "shopping list" for tomorrow at the store. Thank-you again for all the time you put in to make this such a great blog!!

  2. Here's my smoothie tip - I freeze bananas as they get overripe so I always have a bag of them ready and waiting

  3. I wonder if for the chocolate smoothie, if possible, could you use ovaltine? My daughter and I can't really drink anything but that anymore. I used to use Nesquik and some of the other chocolate syrups or powder mixes. But now I can not stand the taste of them compared to Ovaltine. Anyway. If I used ovaltine to replace the nesquik, should I still use the cocoa powder?

  4. What about using vanilla protein powder in the mix? This way they can get protein for breakfast outside!

    We are selling our house and this is a great way to avoid breakfast dishes that have to be cleaned up quickly!