Thursday, February 11, 2010

The perfect sized yOgUrTs

I found these at my Smith's store here in Utah. They reminded me of the ones we bought on a family vacation to Toronto, Canada.

My favorite things about them?

  • They are really small and the perfect size for kids!
  • They taste really good. Kinda like the custard style yoplait yogurts
  • They are only $1.88 for 6 of them. That is .32 cents for one.
I even have a hard time eating a whole regular sized yogurt. These are the perfect size for me. All of my kids love them.

Some other things I like about these yogurts

  1. No artificial colors
  2. No HFCS
  3. 20% of your daily calcium
  4. Since it is custard style, it doesn't fall off the spoon easily when little ones are eating it.
  5. It only has 60 calories. As a society, we eat too many calories and have too big of portions. This is just the right size for everyone in the family.
Tell me what you think and if you find it at a store near you.