Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Foil Dinners

I always have a hard time coming up with a weekly menu that is easy, healthy, and yummy!

I had a request a few months back for some dinner ideas that are healthy, and easy and that her kids would eat.

I think foil dinners are a perfect meal that is easy, yummy and healthy!

Here is the general recipe and some tips on how to make it healthier.

Makes 8

2 lbs super lean ground beef (ours came from a grass fed cow in ID that my friend Corrine named Blackie 2)

8 Carrots, sliced
8 small potatoes, sliced
1/2 puple onion, chopped
1 yellow bell pepper, chopped
Some parsley, chopped
Some olive oil for the potatoes
no season salt, salt, garlic powder, and hamburger seasoning.

Mix the hamburger with the onion and spices. Divide up the hamburger making a patty in their own separate foil in the shape of a patty.
Place the potatoes in a bowl and mix well with about 1 T olive oil.
Divide the potatoes up evenly and place on top of the ground beef. Then place the sliced carrots and bell pepper on top of those.
Fold the foil sealing the side. Double wrap in foil if desired.

Cook for about 1 hour on 350 degrees.

  • These can be made ahead of time and then just placed in the oven. Just put some lemon juice with the olive oil on the potatoes.
  • If you are trying to get your family to eat more veggies, do 2 carrots per person instead of just one.
  • you don't need to peel the potatoes. The skin will give you extra fiber. Just wash them really well.
  • Use organic ketchup, it is less sweet and doesn't have HFCS in it. (We like ours with ketchup!)

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