Thursday, December 30, 2010


My kids don't usually eat fresh tomatoes, but I don't know of too many kids that don't love spaghetti sauce! One very easy way to increase vegetable intake among the whole family is by using twice the amount of spaghetti sauce that you usually do. I do this by using one jar store bought sauce and adding to it. I will saute whatever veggies I have in the house in a little olive oil (zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, garlic, onions, matchstick carrots . . .) and then add the jar of sauce, and then add a big can of tomatoes, but I usually put it in the blender first. I will add leftover chicken stock, fresh basil, fresh parsley . . . I do not each meat with our spaghetti, but if I have salami, or ham of some kind, I will add that too.
Not eating meat with your spaghetti is a great way to stay clear of red meat (I eat red meat, but only about once a week). If you want to start small, then just use half the amount of meat that your family used to eat with it. It also helps if you throw some kidney beans in with your green salad, or add some cheese onto your garlic toast (leave the butter off if you do this).
I really like Ragu cuz my family likes the taste, and it doesn't have any "bad" ingredients. You can often find it on sale for as low as $1.00 too.

My kids also LOVE tomato soup. Our favorite is Pacific Natural Foods Organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup.
My six year old ate 2 full bowls for lunch yesterday! We can find it at Costco in the winter and Smith's all year long. I think that Campbell's tomato soup has HFCS in it, but I have not checked on this in about a year, so if you have some in your cupboard, leave a comment with the answer.

The other thing that my 2 oldest kids like is salsa. Salsa is so good for you, and very low calorie (10 calories per serving). Encourage your kids to have a little bit on their eggs, breakfast burrito, and Mexican food.

Here are some fun facts about tomatoes

  • They help prevent prostate cancer
  • They are good for your eyes
  • Eating tomato sauce is really good for you too. All the nutrients are condensed since the water is usually boiled out. (you do lose the vit. C)
  • They are low calorie and high in fiber, Vit A and Vit C
A special Thanks to Henry for being my picture helper!

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  1. That's our favorite soup too! When my twins were younger I would put it in a sippy cup with a splash of milk rather than a bowl. SOOOO much easier to clean up! They LOVE it too!!
    Travis (3 1/2 yo) just made that soup for dinner tonight. :) Really, he did! With white cheddar paninis. Dad helped with the paninis. YUM!