Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jamie Oliver is at it again!

Last night Jamie Oliver's food revulution was on again with an all new season. I haven't finished the show, but here are some highlights of the night.

  • Jamie has 4 kids and has moved to LA with his family. I don't know how permanent this is, but I loved seeing him with his kids. Too cute!
  • Ground beef can have up to 15% of what they call "pig slime" in it. It isn't pig, but it is worse. They take all the parts of the cow that are not edible, put it through a centrifuge to separate out the little pieces of meat, and then rinse the meat with a mixture of ammonia and water to kill all the bacteria since it comes from the stomach of the cow and such. Then they "rinse" it and grind it up. The real shocker is that they don't have to put ammonia on the ingredient list because it is part of the "processing of the the meat"!!!!!!!! Yes, this is in the school lunch hamburgers, and no, it isn't on the list of ingredients.
  • LA has ban Jamie from their entire school district!
  • LA has a central kitchen where the food is made and then it is shipped around to the different schools. Nothing is fresh and most of it is heated up in plastic bags (think BPA)
It is so fascinating to watch! Hope you will tune in to ABC Tuesday nights 7/8 central. Click here for more info on the show

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  1. I love watching Jamie Oliver and his quest to make our school meals healthier. Go Jamie!! :-) I haven't eaten red meat in 18 years and most definitely happy about that decision after seeing his episode one of Season 2.